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Blade customer service engineer

In order to ensure the normal operation of blades and maintain the company's product and market reputation, a group of people braved severe cold and hot summer, traveled abroad all the year round and worked in the wind field to overcome construction difficulties and ensure construction safety. They are Zhongfu Lianzhong blade customer service engineers.

Since the establishment of Zhongfu Lianzhong blade customer service department, the number of staff has grown from 10 at the beginning to more than 70 in eight areas, and the number of guaranteed wind farms has increased from 20 to more than 600, with more than 10000 fans, including 65 new hoisting projects in 2017, 8 wind farms per capita, about 200 fans.

The work of customer service is special and sudden, and the first condition is to work with certificate. Every year, a large number of personnel have obtained qualification certificates such as four small certificates, climbing certificate, first aid certificate and platform operation certificate. In addition, customer service personnel also represent the company's external image. Their daily work is to deal with different customer owners, which requires them to keep a good attitude and be ready at all times. For this reason, the East China area of blade customer service department has established a communication group for hoisting field affairs, which responds 24 hours and arrives 48 hours. When the personnel on site find problems, they will feed back to the company for early warning to avoid greater losses.

Every time when walking at high altitude and looking at the vast land and sea below, customer service engineers sometimes miss home. They rush to various hoisting sites and maintenance sites, each taking into account one or more sites. Sometimes, when the annual pass is approaching, and some projects need to stay during the Spring Festival, dozens of colleagues from the whole blade customer service department will be stationed in more than ten provinces and cities across the country and have not yet returned home. At this time, in addition to their enthusiasm and persistence in their work, more support and understanding from their families. Over the years, adhering to the customer-oriented service concept, they left their homes to care for everyone, actively cooperated with customers to complete the unit hoisting on site, and successfully completed the tense construction of many projects.

The white wind turbine is like Optimus Prime. The blades rotate rapidly in the howling wind. Behind each group of blades dancing with the wind, there are countless customer service engineers' silent dedication. They come with a mission. They sweat at the top of the wind turbine in summer when the sun is hot and the heat is cold. They fight against the cold in winter when they are 100 meters high. They are not afraid of the intense heat and cold. They are full of energy. They fight continuously day and night. They have never called for hardship or tiredness. They lift, inspect and repair as scheduled and complete the tasks assigned by the company as scheduled.