Understand the latest development and trend of the company

Fierce, the one who chases the light in succession

In Zhongfu, there are such a group of people as Han Zhongyou, Wu Yijun, Ou Yangchun, Ren genqun, Huang huixiu, Qi Tao, Zang bin, Jin Subin, Sun Bin, Xiong Guoqing, Jia Xiaobo, Li Huan One after another, they are in various positions. Let them adhere to and love their peers, and polish themselves into advanced workers day by day and year by year. Adhere to the spirit of fearing hardship and being willing to dedicate, go through the process of continuous cultivation and gradual enlightenment, go to the future of never forgetting the original intention and forge ahead, full of the dream and passion of continuing to move forward, pursue the light of looking forward to move forward, even if meet with the mediocre narrow road, we can win in our own way, and make ourselves the most shining light.

Han Zhongyou: an old scalper with unlimited energy

In 1998, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province", and now he is the section chief of Lianyungang factory of Lianzhong blade business department of Zhongfu.

As the first batch of workers to be recruited into the enterprise, Han Zhongyou has worked hard in ordinary posts for more than 20 years, consciously learned business knowledge, practiced a good skill in technology, and became a "professional" proficient in various processes. For many years, he has been working in the workshop. If he is short of manpower, he will be mended immediately. He will always rush ahead, cutting, polishing and spreading all kinds of cloth. Everyone jokingly calls him the "old scalper" with unlimited energy.

Wu Yijun: to strive for the first class, we must first do the small things well

In 2000, he was awarded as the "national model of building materials system", and now he is the deputy manager of the production department of tubular tank.

Mr. Wu Yijun joined the company in 1989, holding the spirit of "small things do well to achieve great things", and went up to the top. In the process of improvement and maintenance, the problem of spray gun spray glue is solved by handling one small thing after another, so as to solve the problem of winding speed of large and small pipes. Since taking the post of management, the machining and manufacturing of large-scale molds has made a qualitative leap, among which the production of dn7200 large-scale chimney molds in Hushan power plant has been unanimously praised by the owners and peers. Encourage the workshop staff to change small changes, not afraid of being small, not afraid of not being innovative and practical, and have won a number of technical innovation awards, and apply the results to production.

Ouyangchun: "I grew up with Lianzhong"

In 2004, he was awarded as "Lianyungang City Labor Model", and now he is the deputy manager of the product company.

In the summer of 1996, ouyangchun was reinstated. His work style is conscientious, good at research, careful and continuous learning. In the marketing process, he focused on highlighting the company's advantages in talent, technology and service, and cultivated a large number of high-quality customers. As the deputy manager of the product company, we should not forget to pay attention to the new application of new products while maintaining the old customers. He deeply studied the production and installation experience of sewage cover plate, and successfully won the contract of sewage pool cover plate of Sanonda, creating a new product for the company. This product has successively received tens of millions of orders from Shilian chemical, Shandong Binhua, Banqiao sewage plant, etc. "I grew up with the company," he said.

Ren genqun: take advantage of the wind

In 2009, he was awarded the title of "Lianyungang model worker" and "May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province" in 2012. Now, he is the deputy general manager of Zhongfu Lianzhong Yuxi company.

In the 15 years of Zhongfu Lianzhong, he has grown rapidly from a common fiberglass hand paster to a branch factory director of the blade business department. Now he is the deputy general manager of Zhongfu Lianzhong Yuxi company. In the face of the continuous changes of his post, he has been learning knowledge of resin matrix composite materials, actively participating in various trainings, and improving his working ability and comprehensive quality. As one of the first employees to participate in the training in Germany, he actively exerted his advantages, carried out mentoring activities in the team, taught operating skills by hand, seriously carried out skills competition, created a better atmosphere than the super advanced, constantly improved labor productivity, and improved the overall skill level.

Huang huixiu: technical leader focusing on blade R & D

In 2010, he was awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City", and in 2012, he was awarded the "Lianyungang City Labor Model". Now, he is the deputy chief engineer and manager of R & D department.

Huang huixiu joined the Technology Department of the company in July 2004. In 2005, he began to set foot in the wind power industry. Whenever the new blade is put into production, he personally measures the data, goes deep into the first-line tracking production, and obtains first-hand information for the design. As a technology leader, in just a few years, he led the company from the initial digestion and absorption of the imported technology to self innovation, and made innovation achievements recognized by peers at home and abroad in the aspects of fan blade product research and development, manufacturing process technology, key equipment research and development, blade Testing Technology, etc. 15 patents LED or participated in the application were authorized, including 8 invention patents and 7 utility models.

Qi Tao: learning and using each other to become the backbone of production

In 2010 and 2013, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City" successively, and now he is the section chief of epoxy pipeline company.

Mr. Qi Tao joined the company in April 2002, starting from a high-pressure pipe screw worker, taking root in the production line for 15 years, and studying the production and production of high-pressure pipes, high-pressure pipe fittings and other operating skills. Using their own technical advantages, we explored ways to save energy and increase efficiency, effectively developed epoxy amine high-pressure pipes, solved the problem of epoxy pipe fittings not resistant to high pressure, overcome the problem of pipe stratification, reduced the color difference of epoxy pipes, improved the axial and circumferential forces of pipes, and reduced the fracture ratio of tooth root, etc. Over the years, we have saved hundreds of thousands of material costs for the company through continuous research and innovation of technology.

Zang Bin: let the product project cooperation have great potential

In 2013, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City", and now he is the section chief of the product company.

Since working in Zhongfu Lianzhong for 12 years, Zang bin has grown from an ordinary workshop worker to a section chief with rich theoretical knowledge, super high practical ability and solid learning ability. In the face of engineering problems, he not only meets the requirements of customers in technology, but also greatly improves product quality. In the past 12 years, Zang bin has successively completed more than 1000 dn380065m3 fermentation tanks of Zhongshan Meiwei fresh, more than 1000 dn3800 fermentation tanks of Yangxi Chubang, 200 dn380065m3 fermentation tanks of Heshan Donggu, 53 dn5000 200m3 storage tanks and other projects, contributing key forces to continue the cooperation with Guangdong Meiwei fresh, Chubang, Haitian and Donggu.

Jin Subin: running everywhere the company needs

In 2014, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City", and now he is the section chief of Zhongfu Lianzhong Yuxi company.

Mr. Jin Subin entered the blade business department of the company in 2009 and has been in the front line of blade production. His team has outstanding comprehensive strength and problem-solving ability, successfully completed the production task of the company's first bamboo blade and the first root embedded bolt blade. In March 2013, the company appointed Jin Subin to go to Hami company for support and successfully completed the production plan. In November 2013, Jin Subin went to Guizhou company for production training and guidance to assist in the completion of production tasks. In September 2014, his 56.4m3.6mw blade production team won the second prize of Municipal Science Progress Award. In 2017, we moved to Yuxi subsidiary company again, always running where the company needs.

Sun Bin: more than 3000 days and nights in the sky

In 2014, he was awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City". Now he is the customer service engineer of blade customer service department.

Sun Bin joined the company in March 2000 and took charge of the after-sales operation and maintenance of the products in the blade customer service department in 2008. Since then, he has started his working career of high-altitude shuttle. From 2009 to 2010, he went to various wind farms in China to repair and maintain the installed and operating products of blades. From 2011 to 2015, he served as the regional manager of central China, Northwest China and Northeast China respectively. In 2016, he carried out blade repair and maintenance in some areas of South China. Over the years, Sun Bin has insisted on doing well in the operation and maintenance work against the harsh northwest wind in winter and the high temperature inside the blades in summer, and maintaining the company's reputation with practical actions.

Xiong Guoqing: project construction and talent cultivation

In 2014, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City" and is now the project manager of Large FRP equipment company.

Since Xiong Guoqing served as the project manager, he has completed a number of major engineering projects. Based on the principle of focusing on the interests of the company, he has paid close attention to the project quality and progress, arrived at the project construction site in advance every day, inspected the equipment and work preparation, and ensured that there are no accidents in production safety and the project is completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. Among them, Hubei sanning project is the largest in Asia and the first 5000 cubic meter FRP storage tank in China, and Anhui Huaibei Hushan power plant is the largest FRP double chimney project in China. In addition, he also actively contacted and studied with the company's internal staff, trained new and old employees in safety, quality, operation procedures, etc. by combining theory with practice, and trained a large number of operation experts and reserve talents for the company's project implementation.

Jia Xiaobo: make yourself a quality inspection expert

In 2016, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City" and is now the quality director of the blade quality department.

Mr. Jia Xiaobo entered the company in 2009, successively responsible for the quality inspection of product realization process, finished products and ex factory products, and supervision of the branch company, walking in the production workshop and blade product warehouse every day to inspect the quality of blades. He is fully aware of the importance of his work, and has devoted himself to learning a large number of quality management books, manuals and relevant procedure documents, so as to acquire excellent skills. The self-supporting project "blade flange flatness detection technology" in charge of has improved the speed and accuracy of detection; the inspected prospective energy sources, lz51.9-1.5mw and lz53.4-2.0mw, have raised the product quality and been recognized by customers. The quality control manuals such as finished product inspection report and management regulations on warehousing inspection of blade business department prepared by him lay a good foundation for submission of customer documents and standardization of work flow.

Li Huan: take root in the production line and make great achievements

In 2017, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Lianyungang City", and now he is the foreman of the reinforced plate class of the fourth branch of Lianyungang factory of blade business department.

Comrade Li Huan entered Zhongfu Lianzhong in July 2007. In his work, he bravely shouldered the heavy burden and fought silently in the front line of blade production. As the team leader, he has successively participated in the production and production of more than 10 kinds of first products such as the 75m long carbon fiber girder in Asia, and led the team to win the first place in the "production of blade reinforced plate girder" in the fifth skill competition of the company. In the process of lean management 6S development, he focused on strengthening business learning and comprehensively improving business skills. His branch won the first place in 6S evaluation for six consecutive times. In the application of innovation and improvement proposals, the branch submitted 19 implementable proposals involving energy conservation and emission reduction, raw material saving, space utilization, workflow optimization, etc.

Li Zhongxiang: the last pass of blade inspection

In 2018, he was rated as "Lianyungang City Labor Model", and now he is the director of the testing center.

Comrade Li Zhongxiang is hardworking and dedicated. He has been engaged in full-scale blade inspection for a long time. Due to the requirements of working environment and continuity of blade inspection, wind, rain and overtime work become the norm. Participate in the construction and coordination of the first 12 megawatt blade full-scale structure test-bed in China, quickly grasp the principle and method of the full-scale structure fatigue test of megawatt wind turbine blades, and continuously improve the test equipment and blade modal test, optimize the blade fatigue test calibration and monitoring, so as to gradually improve the working efficiency and shorten the blade test time. By the end of 2017, nearly 100 blade static tests and more than 30 blade two-way fatigue tests had been conducted, which saved the company a huge test cost.