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Zhongfu Lianzhong successfully Passed the Energy Management System Certification Audit
Zhongfu Lianzhong successfully passed the energy management system ISO 50001:2018 and RB/T114-2014 certification audit certification on June 11st. This marks that Zhongfu Lianzhong has initially reached the new requirements of multi-factor and multi-level coverage of energy management system, and has laid a foundation for the company to further declare provincial and national green factories.From May 22nd to 23rd, the audit team carried out the first stage of remote audit on the company's energy management system certification. And the audit team carried out the second stage of the site audit on the energy management system certification, and held the first and last meeting  from May 29th to 31st. Finally, the audit team announced that Zhongfu Lianzhong passed through the energy management system certification audit, recommended to obtain certification certificate.
Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. Made its First Appearance at the 14th AQUATECH CHINA
Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. concentrated on the products and typical cases of membrane shell, RO membrane module, nanofiltration membrane, etc., which attracted many industry insiders, experts, scholars, exhibitors and other visitors to stop and observe and consultation.Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. held a new product release conference of membrane products at the exhibition site. Dr. Xu Weixing, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Zhongfu New Water Resources, presided over and made an introduction.Dr. Xu introduced the general situation of Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. in detail, and introduced the characteristics of membrane and original products, such as high throughput, high desalination, anti-pollution, product production guarantee, R&D and quality control.As a high-tech enterprise underCNBM, Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual production base of 8 million square meters of high-end reverse osmosis membrane, and is committed to building a complete industrial chain of water treatment business with membrane process as the core technology. As a technical solution provider in the water treatment industry,  Zhongfu Membrane & Water Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with technical research and development and experiment, program consulting and design, equipment research and development and manufacturing, comprehensive water treatment solutions, operation and maintenance support and other services, which has received good market feedback and on-site attention.
Liu Biao Visited Lianzhong’s Affliates in Shenyang, China
From May 10 to 11, Liu Biao, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of CNBM, visited Shenyang Zhongfu Kejin Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composite Materials Co., Ltd., which are affiliated to CNBM, to inspect and guide the safety and environmental protection work of the enterprises and to conduct a special investigation. Liu Biao inspected the enterprise production workshop, on-site operation situation, and environmental protection work. After listening to the enterprise party branch construction and reform of the report, Liu Biao fully affirmed the progress of the enterprise, put forward specific requirements for the next step of the company's work. Finally, Liu Biao stressed that we should continue to pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control work, in accordance with the requirements of China Building Materials Group, to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work of external import and internal rebound.
Zhongfu Lianzhong Launched the Project of Building Green Factories.
On May 10, Zhongfu Lianzhong held the opening meeting of building green factories project. Qiao Guanghui, secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Board attended the meeting and made a speech. Qiao Guanghui welcomed the arrival of representatives from the energy conservation center and classification society. He pointed out that starting the project of building  green factories is an important measure for the company to follow the global trend of green development, to actively participate in the national strategy and thoroughly implement the new development concept. It also conscientiously fulfills the social responsibility of a central enterprise and responds to the requirements of Innovation-driven and Green Development of CNBM.At the meeting, the person in charge of the enterprise management department introduced the project of building green factories, and put forward the arrangement of the project promotion team and the implementation plan. Classification society staff made a detailed interpretation of  building green factories. Subsequently, representatives of Lianyungang Energy Saving Technology Service Center and Classification Society made speeches respectively, saying that they would provide maximum support and help to ensure the successful completion of the project of building green factories.
Yang Jie, CNBM Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to carry out special supervision and inspection.
On March 25, Yang Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CNBM, and his delegation visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to conduct special supervision and inspection on the Party construction work of mixed-ownership enterprises. Liubiao, CNBM vice president, CCGC Party secretary, chairman, general manager, also participated in the supervision and inspection.Before the meeting, Yang Jie and his party conducted field research on the rotor blade project, the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and elements project and the Zhongfu Carbon Core Cable Technology Co., Ltd., emphasizing the importance of enterprise safety production and epidemic prevention and control work.Wang Lutian, deputy secretary of CNBM Discipline Inspection Commission and director of the Case Hearing Room of CNBM, Lu Miao, deputy director of the Comprehensive Room of CNBM Discipline Inspection Commission, He Jixiu, deputy secretary of CCGC Party Committee and secretary of CCGC Discipline Inspection Commission, and the leading group of Zhongfu Lianzhong attended the meeting.
Leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to investigate the construction and application of "5G+ Industrial Internet".
On March 25, Chang Ruping, the second-level inspector of Jiangsu Industry and Information Department, and Ni Jun, deputy director of Information Infrastructure and Equipment Department, visited Zhongfu Lianyungang to investigate the construction and application of "5G+ Industrial Internet" and held a symposium, accompanied by Xi Shizhan, deputy director of Lianyungang Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Li Xiuyun, director of Informationization Development Department. Nanyang, Zhongfu Lianzhong General Manager, Sun Wei, Deputy General Manager attended the meeting.Chang Ruping and his party visited Zhongfu Membranes & Water Techology Co.,Ltd. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Base, understood in detail the construction and application of the enterprise "5G+ industrial Internet", and listened carefully to the report on the informatization construction of Zhongfu Linzhong.