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Facing heavy flood, Staff of Zhongfu Lianzhong (Anyang) Company united together.

Since July 18th, heavy rain pounded Henan, a central province in China, and the rainfall reached the extreme. Anyang, a city of Henan, has been attached by heavy rain from July 20th night.The whole city reacted with Emergency Level 1 response. Leaders and related department from parent company, CNBM, also show great concern about this flood.

Due to the flood, parts of municipal road were restricted and Anyang company also suffered from heavy water accumulation. A well equipped rescue team consisted of 30 staff acted positively to deal with flood.

Two sets of pump, 100 meters drain pipe and 100 bags of sand provided stable support for against flood. To avoid assert loss, 8 Party member have stayed in company to patrol volunteerly since July 20th. Under no drinking water and electric support, 4 of 8 Party members patrolled each time, checking flood level and pumping accumulated water out of factory for 72 hours.

July 21st, Anyang flood situation entered Emergency Level 1. Responding to government’s requirements, emergency rescue team consisted of 20 Party members from Anyang company gathered by Anyang river to patrol. In the night July 21st, all the staff were asked to leave Anyang company except rescue members for the sever flood situation. In the early morning of July 22th, Anyang flood situation became more sever, rescue team of Anyang company joined local government rescue work, transferring people and strengthening bank of river.

When Anyang company suffered from flood, Zhongfu Lianzhong(Hami) company donated 3818 yuan to help Anyang recover from flood.

At present, Anyang company has already resumed production properly under the premise of ensuring the safety of workers’ commute.