LZ Blades, the LARGEST wind turbine blade solutions provider in the world, specializes in blade research, design, manufacturing and services. 

Belonging to China National Building Material Group (CNBM), a leading diversified PRC building materials company, LZ Blades is headquartered in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province,  the place of which makes LZ Blades NEAREST factory to port. And what's more, it has 8 facilities in China and 1 in Germany. 

With the faith of protecting clear water and blue sky, LZ Blades makes continuous efforts in blade development. And since the manufacturing of the first blade, it has achieved great successes in Chinese market. 

Since 1989
Market Share
in China

By the drive of being leading blade manufacturer, LZ Blades continuously inputs great efforts in blade innovation and  has achieved great successes. 

We have a wide range of products with various length and capacity that are adoptable to diffrent wind turbines with high performance. Besides,  We also deliver customized blades in mixes of length and structure. All the latest manufacturing technologies like shell prepreg, resin-infusing-moulding (RIM), carbon infusing and prepreg  are applied successfully  in mass production. 


Blade type

RotorWind zoneBlade lengthCertification  
LZ37.5-1.577IEC II A+37.5GL & DEWI-OCC
LZ40.3-1.582.736IEC II A40.3CGC GL 
LZ42.38-1.5/2.087IEC IIIB/IEC II A+/IEC I B42.38-
LZ64.2-2.X311IEC S64.2TUV
LZ69-2.X/3.X141IEC S69GL & CGC
LZ72-2.X/3.X146IEC S72-
LZ72.5-4.X148IEC S B72.5DNV-GL
LZ76B-3.X/4.X-IEC S76-

 Blades from LZ are designed and manufactured  to endure harsh offshore environment. With the first set installed at the first offshore wind farm of Aisa in 2009, LZ Blades keeps going as a pioneer.  And now,  we have demonstrated our ability as a competitive partner in offshore market and our rotor blades are in operation in dozens of offshore wind farms successfully. 

Leaf typeRotorWind zoneBlade lengthCertification    
LZ44-3.091IEC IA 44GL 
LZ56.4-3.6116IEC II A56.4GL 
LZ59.9-3.6112IEC II B59.9-
LZ68-4.0/5.0140IEC II A / IEC I B68DNV-GL/GL
LZ72.5-4.X148IEC II S B72.5DNV-GL
LZ62-5.0128IEC II I B62.5G
LZ68.25-6.0140IEC II IC68.25-
LZ75-5.0/6.0153.66 /154


75TUV / -
LZ84-6.0172.102IEC D84-

 The LZ84-6.25, introduced in 2018, is our longest and most advanced creation, also the world longest glass fiber blade. It is designed and manufactured with cutting-edge tools to endure the forces of nature for 20 years of offshore. 

Blade Type RotorWind ClassBlade LengthCertification
LZ84-6.25172.102IEC SIEC S-

Research & Development

The R&D team of LZ Blades owns more than 20 years experience in design and manufacture of composite products. The team finished more than 40 types of blade technology introduction or joint design and finished more than 20 types of blades design and validation independently.


With 9 facilities all over, the manufacturing capability of LZ Blades exceeds 3000 sets per year. Intelligence devices such as semi-automatic grinding machine, ultrasonic testing equipment, pipe robot, and etc. are applied for the improvement of manufacuturing efficiency. This also makes LZ Blades China's top manufacturer in automation level.

Quality Control

Quality determines the life span of a blade. LZ Blades ensures our quality from the following perspectives,  materials management system, countinous imported material inspection, blade reset control checks, plus predetermined stopping points for check during manufacturing.

Test Center

Trouble-free operation is key for a wind turbine to capture maximized  energy. Therefore regular maintenance of rotor blades during their life span is recommended. This is the concern  and we care what you need. 

With the concept to ensure the durability of rotor blades while optimising the operating costs at the same time, the operation and maintenance team of LZ Blades provide high quality service at most reasonable prices. Up till now, we have provided services for 16,000 sets of blades in more than 400 wind farms.  The team keeps working hard on the damage identification and maintenance of blades in all harsh conditions of both onshore and offshore.

We care what you need!

The trouble free operation of wind turbine is the key to capture the maximum wind energy. Therefore, we recommend regular maintenance of the blades. This is your demand, and we care about your demand.

In order to ensure the durability of blades and optimize the operation cost, the Zhongfu Lianzhong operation team will provide you with the best service at the most reasonable price.

Up to now, we have provided more than 16000 sets of blade maintenance services for more than 400 wind farms. Our team has been working hard to detect blade damage and maintain blades.